• Reliance Industries Ltd. (Textile Division) is India's largest manufacturer-exporter of Suiting fabrics and has expanded its production capacity to over 20 million meters per year.

  • Large volume is exported to over 58 countries to some of the biggest international brands across the globe involved in the business of Suits, Pants and Coats.

  • Largest vertically integrated fabric production facilities in India, to convert wool tops to finished fabrics through different processes of Dyeing, Spinning, Weaving and Processing / Finishing using state-of-the-art plant and machinery.

  • Formalized stringent quality checks at each stage and process (with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certification) which enables us to come out with superior quality and consistent fabrics at par with global standards consistently.

  • Company manufactures over 20,000 design-shade combinations each year in Light Wool, Polyester Wool and Woolen, Polyester Viscose and Polyester Cotton fabrics under the VIMAL brand.

  • Constant and continuous research on products/ designs to ensure creation of innovative future trends.

Worsted Suiting

  • 100% Wool - VIMAL has even introduced super - premium fabrics designed by European experts comprising fine wool yarn of Super 150s, Super 130s and Super 120s and occasionally blended with specialty & exotic fibers like Silk, Angora, Mohair or Cashmere.

  • Fine Polyester Wool Suiting fabrics in a no. of blends.

Some of the freshly introduced innovative Worsted qualities include:

  • Premium 55:45 Poly wool collection in globally popular designs, with a soft and luxurious feel, for the ultimate in comfort

  • An interesting and colorful Poly wool range with a peppery finish

  • Collection of Classy Checks in Poly wool blend with silk amino finish

  • High Twist Poly Wool Suiting including Lycra for travel comfort

  • Fine Poly Wool fabrics using re-cyclable Polyester

Polyrich Suiting

An impressive variety of immensely popular Polyester Viscose Suiting is available in a large number of shades, weaves and textures. This includes the fine, wool touch “Polyrich” Collection and the “Blockbuster” Collection.

The various qualities created in this segment have clear distinctive features to differentiate ourselves with a substantial proposition. Comfort wins out, and we have tried to confer menswear with lightness, freedom of movement, and above all, a modern aplomb – self assured and uninhibited.

Some of the innovative and popular qualities include:

  • Our new HI-T collection is a Premium & Fine Flowing Suiting with a rich sheen, created by an exceptional construction of special high twisted spun by spun yarn, in a range of twill base designs.

  • Rich Linen blends have caught the fancy of our creative minds in the form of our new exciting collection LINEN LUXURY. This collection includes interesting combinations of stripes & self-designs, majorly in medium & bright cool colors of fawns, beiges & grays.

  • Distinctive styling and craftsmanship forms an integral part of one's lifestyle. The new DIFFERENTIATED BASIX collection of plains in a wide range of fabrics/shades continues the tradition of exceptional quality and distinctive fashion detail you have come to expect from our name.

  • A popular product that sets you apart, simply for its finish, rich sheen and the choice that it offers. Introducing a different rainy-effect look, 40 CARATS means more value for the wardrobe.

  • A fine flowing Suiting in a Premium PVW blend. Available in medium- dark shades in a collection of exquisite striplings.

Shirting Fabrics

  • Denimagic
    • Denimagic is a new range of trendy Shirtings which caters to the aspirations of today's fashion conscious young India. It is made with DEO2 technology that keeps you fresh and sweat-free all day. The fabric literally breathes, so we can well and truly say that this is 'Fashion that brings Comfort'. Some of the shades like bright purples and greens are particularly interesting, apart from the conventional denim blues and greys.

  • Personal Power

    • AN EXCLUSIVE & PREMIUM SHIRTING COLLECTION by Vimal with DEO2-Anit-Microbial finish
    • COTTON BLENDED for a rich & soft feel
    • WIDE VARIETY OF DESIGNS in 36” width
    • ELEGANT & CLASSY designs for a formal wear